What is Astrological Magic?

What is Astrological Magic?

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Astrological Magic: Music of the Elements by MjDawn is an episodic journey through virtual ambient worlds of fundamental creation.  It can be enjoyed in personal listening experiences, as an auditory journey unto itself.  But it’s fuller intent, is an accompanying vehicle for ritualized spiritual practice.  Astrological Magic: Music of the Elements attempts to enhance your personal setting for meditation and ritual by creating an audio equivalent of the basic Platonic elements of manifestation.  Curious about the book and rituals it accompanies?  Here is a synopsis by the author, Jayne Gibson:

Astrological Magic: Basic Rituals & Meditations is designed for both beginning and experienced ritualists. Written by two veteran ritualists, Jayne Gibson and Benjamin Dykes, with twenty years of experience apiece, it describes magic in terms of spiritual healing, and is especially written for contemporary astrologers (both traditionalists and modernists) who want a more hands-on, ritualized, and astrologically-based spirituality to complement their chart-reading practices.

This book is also designed for those interested in ritual magic, the Tarot, and meditative practices as paths to a spiritually-centered life. For those focusing on ritual magic, this book will teach them how to eventually write their own rituals. For those seeking a deeper understanding of the Tarot, it illuminates the astrological powers behind these cards, and for practitioners of meditation, every ritual includes two meditations.

Following an extensive introduction full of instruction and hints, including a primer on astrological elections, Astrological Magic contains rituals on all Elements, Planets, and Signs, with a culminating ritual for each group. Tarot meditations and other visualizations, Appendices on incenses and color, and more are included in this invaluable guide to astrological ritual and spirituality. (378 pages)

Review by Jayne Gibson:

MjDawn’s Astrological Magic: Music of the Elements is a set of five ambient tracks created to give a true and accurate experience of the Magical Elements of Earth, Air, Water, Fire and Spirit. These tracks were originally composed to accompany the rituals and meditations given in the book Astrological Magic: Basic Rituals & Meditations, written by Jayne Gibson and Dr. Benjamin Dykes. However, these tracks can stand on their own merit as they expertly move the listener into the Elemental Realms of Magic, allowing for a more sensory experience of these magical worlds.

The Earth track, with its heavy percussion and reverberations, allows the listener to experience the realm of Elemental Earth, which is the energy through which Spiritual Forces condense into concrete forms of energy-expression. Here, we meet with objectivity, solidity, and incarnation. This track can be used for rituals and meditations aligned with the Element of Earth, the Planet of Saturn, and the Zodiacal Signs of Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn.

The Air track, with its bustling wind and chimes, transports one to the realm of Elemental Air, which is the realm of consciousness, free-moving and unconfined, penetrating everywhere. It is the Element of reconciliation and so links the human mind with the spiritual worlds. This track can be used for rituals and meditations aligned with the Element of Air, the Planets of Mercury and Jupiter, and the Zodiacal Signs of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.

The Water track, with its brilliant use of various forms of flowing Water and Tibetan bowls, immerses the listener in the realm of Elemental Water, which is the realm of intuition, dreams, the subconscious mind, purification, and the mysteries of the soul. This track can be used for rituals and meditations aligned with the Element of Water, the Planet of Luna (Moon) and the Zodiacal Signs of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.

The Fire track, with its raging flames and stringed instruments, carries one into the realm of Elemental Fire, which is the realm of transfiguration, illumination, clarity of consciousness, the focused will, and inner sight. This track can be used for rituals and meditations aligned with the Element of Fire, the Planets of Mars, Venus and Sol (Sun) and the Zodiacal Signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.

The Spirit track is mysterious, joyful and reverential. This track takes the listener into the realm of Elemental Spirit, which is the kingdom that gives birth to the Four Elements of Fire, Water, Air and Earth. Spirit is the highest Elemental realm and the domain within which one may touch and experience the purity and love of the Divine Light.

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