Vir Unis — Aeonian Glow (A New Aeon)

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8-26-13 – AtmoWorks is proud to announce the release of Aeonian Glow (A New Aeon) from famed artist, Vir Unis. To celebrate the release of this classic, which was originally released in 2000 by Greenhouse Music, co-founder and long time friend of Vir Unis, MjDawn went back to the original recorded files and put together an unedited version of Aeonian Glow. Rather than go the well tread route of remixing or remastering, MjDawn meticulously crafted a vision of this album that is the truest and most accurate form intended by the artist, With great respect for the first release of this album, which was produced and mixed by renowned Steve Roach, he went about working solely from the unearthed pre-mixed files. With the latest mastering programs and techniques, a very unique vision of this album took place. A lost track was found, so there’s unheard music on this latest incarnation, and there’s several more minutes of tracks, including 7-8 more minutes of the epic track “A Night of Passage”. All technological advances in mastering and mixing hardware/software aside, what we have hear is the timeless and classic work of a master engineer and producer, MjDawn, creating a sweeping and cinematic vision of a very intense body of ambient music by Vir Unis. Clocking in around an hour and a half, be sure to find a secret and comfortable space in which to imbibe the glow of timeless atmospheres and soaring washes of sound, swirling and percolating in a brew of light rays and dark abysses.

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