AtmoWorks — Veris

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9-25-14 – AtmoWorks brings you our latest release of Veris. A single, continuous 30 minute piece of cinematic and symphonic aural voyaging awaits the listener. Here is what Vir Unis has to say about the announcement of Veris:

“Veris is an amalgamation of botany, numbers, conversion, adaptation, transformation, and evolution fueled by willful composition, artful mixing, and surgical mastering. For the artists of Atmoworks, duo, Vir Unis & MjDawn, Veris represents numerical alchemy and sonic fruition. Starting with the numerical representation of flower DNA and the data processing into MIDI information, these two artists transformed organic biology into a cathedral of haunting choirs, arpeggios of recurring piano motifs, soaring strings, rising and falling atmospherics, and seemingly random orchestral noises, that strives to match the sublime majesty and elegance of a Spring flower. Originally commissioned by the city of Chicago for a botanical expo at Navy Pier in the early Spring of 2013, AtmoWorks is proud to announce the studio HD release of Veris.”

Available as MP3 or high quality FLAC downloads!

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