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From the darkest depths of a winter yet to come, AtmoWorks is proud to present the latest release from owner and founder Vir Unis, “The Winter Ghost“. Created in the vein of 2007’s “Return of the Locust Queen“, “The Winter Ghost” is a single 38 minute track made up of several distinct parts. From the frozen drones of the opening bars, to angelic voices and detuned piped organs – each individual section blends seamlessly into the next creating an ever-shifting, ever-changing wall of sound. John describes this piece as a self-reflective journey into the long thoughts that haunt the self in this darkest of seasons. It is an expose into the depth of winter, and the isolation that often accompanies it. Listening, it is easy to imagine St. John of the Cross’ <i>Dark Night of the Soul</i>, where spiritual loneliness and desolation take hold.Fans of Vir Unis’ “Return of the Locust Queen”, “The Drift Inside” and “Aeonian Glow” are in for a treat. AtmoWorks is thrilled to offer the next chapter in one man’s ambient journey – “The Winter Ghost”.

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Vir Unis

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Vir Unis


Vir Unis


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