Vir Unis The Drift Inside – 10th Anniversary Edition


As 2009 draws ever closer to its ultimate end, AtmoWorks is proud to bring you the rebirth of Vir Unis‘ “”.Originally released in 1999, The Drift Inside can tangibly be considered as the birthing point of what would later become AtmoWorks. As the first solo release by soon-to-be industry laureate Vir Unis, the album broke new ground in the ambient genre and established the artist as “one man” – and one to be reckoned with. Chuck van Zyl of Star’s End Radio reviewed the original release 10 years ago, and said that the album “invites contemplation and introspection, creating a sonic environment that is comfortable and transportive. ‘Drift’ progresses in a nearly imperceptible linear fashion, the listener only faintly aware of being led.”The anniversary edition breathes new life into this ambient classic, remastered at full 24-bit resolution and released in MP3 and lossless FLAC formats. It also features brilliant new original artwork by renowned ambient musician and visual artist Steve Brand, whose visual lyricism has graced many of AtmoWorks’ releases this past year.For the artist, The Drift Inside “is a document for [the] journey of self discovery and personal reflection. It’s what has also been called ‘private music’ in the past and, to be honest, I actually feel more comfortable with that term than ‘ambient music’, which I feel has been so overused for marketing purposes and doesn’t really accurately describe what most ‘ambient’ artists produce.”We’re thrilled to bring you this remarkable rebirth of a classic Vir Unis release!

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