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Pulse n Atmo, originally released on Groove Unlimited in 2001, is now available at AtmoWorks as a high quality download MP3 (320K) with new artwork.

Predating Blood Machine, with Steve Roach, by mere months, Pulse n Atmo is a work that is in the vein of the elegant futurism explored by both Roach and Vir Unis in their trilogy of Body Electric, Light Fantastic, and Blood Machine. Pulse n Atmo is an exploration in pulse, texture, and atmosphere. Using these basic elements, Vir Unis creates an album that is unique and stands on its own, while still connected to all the frenetic work going on at the time. Aeonian Glow was released around this time as well, so theres an interesting dichotomy between his more atmospheric albums and these rhythm driven pulse works. Pulse n Atmo displays a delicate balance between these two seemingly parallel worlds.

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