Vir Unis & James Johnson Easting Remastered


Originally released on AtmoWorks, back in 2004, Easting was a live recording to digital tape at 20-bit. No further editing has been done to the file. This recording is live work in the studio between these two individuals, as was often case in their collaborations.

The 2009 edition is a 24 bit remaster of the original recording, which in the course of the mastering process was transferred from digital tape via s/pdif, so this is an audiophile’s version akin to a director’s cut for film.Easting was a very spontaneous recording between Vir Unis and James Johnson. Recorded at Vir’s bubble studio, this longform piece was recorded in one take on a Saturday afternoon in 2004. The remastered version has true wide stereo processing so the results, though true to the form and spirit of the original recording, have been quite dramatic. New artwork for the remastered Easting by Vir Unis.AtmoWorks is now offering select albums in FLAC format in 24 bit as well as 320k MP3.From the 2004 original album info :”In a single long form track, James Johnson & Vir Unis mix together their sonic palettes to create a deeply earth centered atmospheric work filled with ambient subtlety and earthen organic textures. Fans of both artists’ more minimal drift works will no doubt enjoy this release, as it slowly surrounds the listener with it’s deep atmospherics.”

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