Vir Unis Dreamers At The Edge Of Decaying Light (Early Works Vol. 1)


After a many decades hiatus, AtmoWorks is honored to bring to light a long out of circulation gem from the master, Vir UnisDreamers At The Edge Of Decaying Light, (Early Works Vol. 1) is the first installment in the artist’s Early Works series.  This discontinued volume traces the history of Vir Unis’s musical infancy from the early to mid-1990’s and gives an unparalleled glimpse into the mind of the young artist.  Exploring his experiments in tape and early home digital recording, this anthology would be a proud entry in any fan’s Vir Unis collection.

And now after many years, lost to the shadows of decayed light, these sessions have been unearthed and lovingly re-mastered by Vir Unis’s miKroNaught partner, MjDawn.  This is a chance to revisit early ambient sound-sculpture history in its high-fidelity crystalline beauty as only AtmoWorks can bring you.

Dreamers At The Edge Of Decaying Light, (Early Works Vol. 1) is available in high fidelity 320K 16-bit MP3 and high glossy 24 bit lossless FLAC.  This release dedicates AtmoWorks respect and commitment to the heart of a true ambient icon’s oeuvre.  Come experience a unique re-imagined world of the earliest annals of AtmoWorks and Vir Unis history as we share with our community this exciting re-release of a lost treasure.

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Here is what MjDawn has to say about the re-mastering of Dreamers At The Edge Of Decaying Light:

“John is a boyhood friend of mine. I've known him and watched his artistic evolution all of my adult life. I remember fondly our first excursions into the sketchy world of self-production and recording. I honestly admit, he was always light years ahead of me. Dreamers At The Edge Of Decaying Light is an undeniable and authoritative statement in this regard. When I first approached this opportunity to re-master John's earliest work, you can imagine I had certain expectations of what I would find in the sessions. I was quickly and irrefutably corrected in any assumptions I might have had about possible immaturity in the work. These tracks are astoundingly well recorded. They responded amazingly to audio compression, as I began to delve out hidden gems deep in the mixes. This is an album that stands the tests of time. And I would admonish anyone assuming this release inferior to later Vir Unis work based on it's chronology. I could only be so blessed to have created something this beautiful in my youth.”


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