Vir Unis & Disturbed Earth Entropic 1


Following up on Drawn From the Well, which was the first collaboration between Vir Unis & Disturbed Earth, Entropic 1 is the first chapter in what is expected to be a novel sized body of work, a series of experiments in how music, or any art for that matter, evolves and de-evolves in a sort of sustained entropy before it reaches its final destination and becomes itself, a work of art.

Fans of both of these artists will enjoy this experiment. Vir Unis uses clarinet, cymbals, rhodes piano, radios, tape machines, room noises, and amplifiers to create a holographic stereo field of found objects & musical instruments. Dean takes these textural works and loose array of hazy room recordings and molds them into an organized soundfield of shifting light, from bright to dark and back. This is exciting and interesting work for these musicians and students of sound. AtmoWorks is proud to announce it’s release….

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