The Elf Machine Citizens Of The Anthropocene + In Living Stereo


AtmoWorks is proud to annouce two new releases by The Elf Machine.  

CITIZENS OF THE ANTHROPOCENE >Taking nearly three years to complete their follow up to the much critically acclaimed album “I/O“, the elves finally emerged from the studio with “Citizens of the Anthropocene”, the first release in this dual set. This new album takes a journey through the synthetic and over-medicated lives of the current epoch in which we live, the anthropocene. What does it mean to be human and living in this age? All ideologies are political and religion-based and the experience we have in communicating with our political systems is mediated by an entity which was once called journalism and is now a hyper vigilant 24/7 global brain which spews forth bit streams and memes into the collective consciousness which is then consumed and regurgitated as new archetypal forms. What does it mean to live an organic or synthetic life? What is the difference ultimately since all originated from the earth or were produced by organic forms? These were all questions raised by the elves as they explored their inner systems in the dark recesses of their basement studio….

IN LIVING STEREO >The second release, which is packaged with “Citizens of the Anthropocene”, is “In Living Stereo”. This album is a collection of three long excerpts from two different live events by The Elf Machine. The first show was in 2004 and was a live internet event hosted by Vir Unis on AtmoStreams. The second show was in 2008 at Illinois Northwestern University’s radio station, 89.3FM WNUR. The set was performed on Phonaut’s late Friday night program. The elves delivered some heavy duty glitch/freeform beatscapes late into the night and the show was captured by Phonaut recording directly to CD, so expect high fidelity recordings on “In Living Stereo”.

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The Elf Machine vs. Vir Unis


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