MjDawn is an artist devoted to his work bridging acoustic drums with the possibilities of the world of electronics. In the scope of contemporary popular music, as Matthew McDonough, he is most widely known for his membership in the hard rock band Mudvayne. Mudvayne has enjoyed international acclaim with three gold albums, an MTV award and a Grammy nomination. He is the drummer and contributing writer/co-producer of Mudvayne along with the bands other three members. His early electronic music efforts can be heard on several Mudvayne releases. He composed, recorded, mixed and mastered the electronic interludes on the album “L.D.50” and the mixed piece “L.D.50” on the album “The Beginning Of All Things To End.”  As well as the electronic pieces on the eponymous album “Mudvayne”.

Art is a passion for MjDawn that informs all his work. He has spent the better part of an autodidactic decade studying the accomplishments of the conceptual/minimal painters and sculptors of the 1960’s. There in, he has found an affinity to his own personal approach to art making. This approach has found its fruition in electronica and employs machines of idea and chance as vehicles for expression. He attempts to cultivate a receptive, open ear to naturally occurring phenomenon in an attempt to divorce judgment from the process of creation. Realizing a larger context for fulfillment, than the quick and the obvious – surprise unfolds beyond the scope of the personal. This is also aptly summed up by the famous ethno-pharmacologist Terence McKenna, in his famous quote: “The bigger you build the fire, the more darkness you illuminate.”

Currently, he is in transition from working on solo efforts. Now he finds himself involved in a group project named “MikroNaught” in collaboration with well-respected electronic music artist Vir Unis. His work with MikroNaught is tapping into his life-long love for electronic music, going back to the ‘80’s, and is finding fruition in this joint effort with Vir Unis. An album and possible future live performances are in the works for 2008. In addition to his efforts creating music, MjDawn is also partnered with John Strate-Hootman (Vir Unis) co-owner of AtmoWorks record label. It is their plan to incorporate artists from many genres, mixing music and art from around the globe, using the techniques of online business that have been refined in the past several years.

During the coming year MjDawn will have several releases with these projects. The first of these will be a solo EP titled “Frequency Response” to be released on “Atmoworks”. It is his goal to establish himself as a respected electronic music artist alongside his already strong presence as a hard rock drummer.

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