miKroNaught — Nights

miKroNaught — Nights

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2-11-13 – It is with great pleasure that AtmoWorks brings you “Nights”, the latest ambient drift album from miKroNaught! “Nights” is a remix album of miKroNaught’s previous release, “Gamma”. Here is the original description of “Gamma”:

“Gamma” represents a live incarnation of miKroNaught comprising Vir Unis, MjDawn, and Arpan Shah of ABReaction. Based on live improvisation and years of work in a myriad of projects, this trio got together in early 2010 for two live performances. Edited in the studio and mastered by MjDawn, produced by miKroNaught.”

Here is what MjDawn has to say about “Nights”: “I worked up these ambient remixes of Gamma while I was preparing the original album release. It was my intention, back in 2010, to put together complete drift mixes that could be used by ritualists and spiritually minded people for ceremony and meditation. Over the next couple of years, I shared these mixes with close friends and we all used them for musical scoring in our daily spiritual practices. The response from my friends was overwhelming how much they enjoyed the mixes. After a time, we decided to share these mixes with the greater community of spiritual Seekers. It is my hope that they bring the same joy and peace to you as they have myself and friends.”

Available in high fidelity 320K 16-bit MP3.  This release continues miKroNaught’s commitment to bringing both the electronic community and seekers on their spiritual path the purest of intention and highest quality of audio available!

Available as MP3 download!

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