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What is Astrological Magic?

Astrological Magic: Music of the Elements by MjDawn is an episodic journey through virtual ambient worlds of fundamental creation.  It can be enjoyed in personal listening experiences, as an auditory journey unto itself.  But it’s fuller intent,... Read More

miKroNaught to Score “Emerge” Art Installation

miKroNaught has signed on to collaborate with the futurist, Eric Kingsbury, to create an immersive depersonalizing experience geared at raising questions about your sense of identity.  Check out the link below to find out more: You... Read More


9-25-14 – AtmoWorks brings you our latest release of Veris. A single, continuous 30 minute piece of cinematic and symphonic aural voyaging awaits the listener. Here is what Vir Unis has to say about the... Read More

Vir Unis—Aeonian Glow (A New Aeon)

8-26-13 – AtmoWorks is proud to announce the release of Aeonian Glow (A New Aeon). To celebrate the release of this classic, which was originally released in 2000 by Greenhouse Music, co-founder and long time friend of Vir Unis, MjDawn... Read More


2-11-13 – It is with great pleasure that AtmoWorks brings you “Nights”, the latest ambient drift album from miKroNaught! “Nights” is a remix album of miKroNaught’s previous release, “Gamma”. Here is the original description of “Gamma”: “Gamma”... Read More

MjDawn—Astrological Magic: Music Of The Elements

1-31-2013  AtmoWorks is very proud and excited to announce the official global release of “Astrological Magic: Music Of The Elements,” which is the first installment in the ongoing “Astrological Magic” series.  “Music Of The Elements” was... Read More


1-01-11 – AtmoWorks is proud to bring you “Gamma”, the latest album from miKroNaught!  “Gamma” represents a live incarnation of miKroNaught comprising Vir Unis, MjDawn, and Arpan Shah of ABReaction.  Based on live improvisation and years of work in a myriad of projects,... Read More

AtmoWorks Presents—Document

1-01-10 – AtmoWorks is proud to announce the official global release of Document, which is the second installment in the ongoing AtmoWorks Presents series.  It’s predecessor, Compiled, was released in the summer of 2009.  Like, Compiled, Document is a miKroNaught production... Read More

AtmoWorks Presents—Compiled

1-08-09 – “We at AtmoWorks are very excited to bring together a collaboration that speaks about our label, artists and vision. This compilation is the first in what will be a series of “AtmoWorks Presents:” albums. Our hope is... Read More

Vir Unis & Disturbed Earth—Entropic_1

8-26-13 – Following up on Drawn From the Well, which was the first collaboration between Vir Unis & Disturbed Earth, Entropic_1 is the first chapter in what is expected to be a novel sized body of work, a series of experiments in how music, or... Read More

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